In the house: Judith Haugk

I love looking for inspiration from fellow interior bloggers from around the world, and how they’ve designed their spaces. The bohemian-chic trend has gained popularity over the years, and one of my favourite ‘boho’ interiors comes from student teacher, Judith Haugk.

Livingroom 5

Bohemian or ‘traveller’ in the traditional sense meant an eclectic mish-mash of colourful interiors inspired by global influences and natural materials, like hand-woven rattan or jute.

Judith’s white bohemian and oriental style with a touch of coastal and wooden elements really reflects this. She also has a lot of bright textures, coastal details and silver treasures in her apartment. I can’t wait to take a tour into her bohemian paradise!

WHO LIVES HERE: Judith, her boyfriend and their two cats Polly & Tinka

LOCATION: Flensburg in the north of Germany

PROPERTY:New-build rental apartment

Bedroom: I just love this room. Sleeping here is so comfy and it’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings! I have a preference for rugs – but on the wall!

Bedroom 2

I love the way the rug over our bed and the throw make a connection. Cushions with different textures and some natural elements making this room to our personal oasis.

Bedroom 1

Living room: A rug again! I think this jute rug is like our statement piece.

Livingroom 1

Here you can find lots of  throws and textures, also the eye can spot many decor details. It seems the sofa is also the preferred sleeping place of our cats!

Livingroom 2

The Chakki table is my favourite piece in here, and matches the bench perfectly.

Dining area: I bought this mango wood dining table a couple of years ago and I still love it so much.

Dining Area 2

It isn’t perfect, has spots and bumps but that is what’s giving this table its character. The counter behind it is a cool element to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Dining Area 1

My boyfriend adores the lights and as most of the styling is in my hands, he was ‘allowed’ to bring these cool, industrial style lights.

Balcony: I like our balcony so much! It’s bright and big so it’s like a second living room in the summer.

Balcony 3

I love our pallet sofa, the white rug and the selfmade cat balcony. I even embellished the cat balcony so it will fit right in.

Balcony 1

Having breakfast with a view on the roofs of the old town of Flensburg – that is the perfect morning to me!

Corridor: Our corridor is very long with a lot of doors so decorating here is a bit tricky. I used all the walls to place boho or oriental elements. I do a lot of decorating myself, such as painting drift wood or re-designing flower pots.

Corridor 1

I also build furniture myself. The bench in our corridor is my favourite piece and it’s the first thing our guests see when they visit us.

Corridor 2

I tried to create a tiny white boho theme here so people will understand the connection with the other rooms.

Guest bathroom: This little room was a real adventure as it can be tricky when you don’t have that much space.

Guest Bathroom 1

I added statement pieces so the bathroom will also have a boho vibe. I enjoy the flexibility of our home as I can re-arrange pieces to go with any room.

Guest Bathroom 2

I love to change the decor from time to time, and keep finding treasures in markets, boutiques and Danish stores.

Dining Area 3

When we moved into our apartment, I finished the decor and furniture styling in three days – I can easily forget about the time and space.

Bedroom 3My boyfriend is half Persian, so my love for white bohemian just suits our home perfectly! We often call it our ‘White Boho Haven’,  as we get the feeling of a vacation every time we come home.

All photo credits: Judith Haugk

Judith profile pic

Special thanks to Judith. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!


Caravane has a collection inspired by natural materials, handcrafted using traditional artisan techniques.


  1. Mahina cushions (from £75) 2. Farako mirror (£65) 3. Faraba placements (£65) 4.Corolla mirror (from £88)


Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 

In the house: Life at Number 63

I love looking for inspiration from fellow interior bloggers, and how they’ve designed their space from scratch into literally a masterpiece. One of my favourite house renovations comes from Life at Number 63 – brought to life by Katherine Mannell.

Katherine is an illustrator but gained a diploma in Interior Design, and has previously worked in the industry.

Dining toomSince moving into their house, almost six years ago, they have been busy renovating from top to bottom, adding a loft and kitchen conversion. During this time, some rooms were decorated more than once to “keep things fresh”.

Adopting a Scandi-style, with a bohemian and mid century modern flair, I can’t wait to see how they transformed it as she takes us on a tour…

WHO LIVES HERE: Katherine, her husband, two daughters, Ruby and Molly and their Cockerpoo Harry.

LOCATION: Epsom, Surrey, UK

PROPERTY: 1906 build

Lounge:  My lounge is a smaller, more intimate room, mainly painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Railings’. I like how the dark walls envelop you and with just the lamps on, it’s a cosy space to relax in come the  evening.

Lving roomThe working fireplace is also a favourite feature of this room.

Living room3My best buy in here were the Ikea shelves, so inexpensive and a great way to display some of my beautiful home wares.

Bathroom: This room is one of the most talked about on my Instagram page, as we installed sunny yellow metro tiles around the bath.

Bathroom3It is a happy, fun space which is what I was aiming for, as it is mainly used by the children. I used white and dark grey paint to compliment the bright tiles and it works really well. The wire unit provides an practical storage solution for all our bathroom essentials.

Bathroom2When we moved in, we could see lots of potential as there were some lovely original features and we have tried to make the most of these, even keeping the fireplace in the family bathroom when we converted it from a bedroom.

BathroomBedroom:  I love how peaceful and serene our bedroom is, tucked away in what used to be the loft.

BedroomThis is also where I work on my drawings for my business ArtHouse Illustrations. It is an interesting U-shaped room, and I have embraced the boho trend here with hanging planters, white walls and textured soft furnishings.

Bedroom2Dining room: Another of my favourite rooms is the dining room. Here I went for a mainly monochrome scheme, but added a blush pink wall at the end which is absolutely beautiful.

Dining room2

The dining table was a bargain on eBay and I simply painted the legs white. The pendant light from Iconic Lights is one of my favourite items in the house, it’s a fabulous, eye-catching design and creates a lovely warm glow when switched on.

Dining room1This room leads into our sunny galley-style kitchen. This area used to house a small kitchen and freezing cold bathroom – we knocked through to create one bigger living space which we can all enjoy together.

Kitchen: The kitchen is from Howdens and we chose white gloss as we wanted to bounce light around the room, which faces north.

KitchenThis, coupled with a large picture window and velux in the roof makes it a lovely bright space.

Kitchen2I really love spending time in here baking with the children and watching my husband cook his delicious pasta dishes.

Some of the challenges were to do with structural issues when the builders were knocking through walls and the extra time this added onto both the loft and kitchen conversions. It’s all long forgotten now though, and it was all so worthwhile, as now we have a home we can be proud of!

Photo credits: Katherine Mannell

Kat Mannell

Special thanks to Katherine. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!

Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 


Style lowdown with Busola Evans, Homes & Interiors Journalist

As a women’s lifestyle journalist with a rather unhealthy obsession for home interiors, it never occurred to me that I could actually turn it into a career. But fellow journo, Busola Evans, has done exactly that!

Busola profile pic
Busola is Acting Editor for Livingetc magazine

With 20-years’ experience in the industry as a showbiz and lifestyle writer, Busola decided to embark on her passion for interiors a couple of years ago. Currently Acting Deputy Editor for Livingetc magazine, I catch up with her to talk all things interiors!

What does your role typically involve? Overseeing features and shopping on the magazine as well as assisting with the overall production of the mag. Part of my job also is to sift through inspiration and work out which styles or colours for instance keep cropping up, which is a strong indicator as to which trends are likely to be prevalent.

Living room decor.pixabay

As well as going to press events, there is also the opportunity to meet brands on a one-to-one basis and discuss what they have planned for the season ahead. And of course there are the design shows like Salone last month and Clerkenwell which recently took place.


Have you always had a passion for interior design? Yes, I’ve always loved interior design.  My father is a retired architect and my late mother loved textiles and fabric (as many African women do!) so I grew up with an appreciation for buildings which then carried through to how they were furnished inside.


I am really interested in the psychology of how a space and its colours can have an effect on how you feel.

Colours affect our moods






When I was younger I would create mood boards before I even really knew what they were, and often did room plans just using pen and paper and drawing out each piece of furniture!


What are the top trends we can expect to see more of in 2018? Bold prints are very popular, so we’re talking statement wallpaper, big patterns on rugs and cushions, furniture upholstered in printed fabric – just anything that taps into the whole ‘maximalism’ vibe.

Mural wallpaper.pixabay
Make a statement with dramatic wallpaper

Tropical prints will be strong all year and will carry through into winter with a moodier backdrop.

Tropicana is strong this year

The love for pink shows no sign of abating and works beautifully with gold and brass. Browns and chocolate shades are set to be huge this autumn, as well as mustard. It’s a 70s revival!

brown leather-seats-pixabay
Vintage browns and mustards are back!

What are your favourite trends/styles? I love the trend for indoor plants – I have an urban jungle going on at home!
Plant power can spruce up a space

Brass and gold are favourites because they add a touch of luxe to a space although for me, they have to be used in a considered way as I don’t like anything looking too ‘blingy’.

gold lamp.pixabay
Gold accents add luxe to decor

The use of wood and natural materials also gives a welcoming, relaxed feel that I like.

wood wallpixabay
Natural materials like wood are relaxing

What are common interior mishaps made? One of the most common, and I have been guilty of this, is not measuring up properly. This could be anything from curtains to rugs. I have made impulsive buys which haven’t worked in the space I intended, either too big or too small.

Measure up before you buy!

I once bought a floor lamp that was so big that it hit the ceiling of our tiny one-bedroom flat at the time. So measure, measure, and measure again!

Don’t forget to bring your tape!

Describe your own home in a few words  Relaxed, eclectic, too many books!

You can never have too many books

Name four items in your home that you can’t live without I’ll always love my sofa, a drop-arm Chesterfield which I bought on eBay ten years ago and reupholstered in grey velvet (very daring at the time!).


The other things I treasure are; a large piece of art my husband bought for me from a Sicilian street painter 16 years ago which is above our living room fireplace, my framed family pictures, and my mango wood coffee table which I bought on eBay for a song about 12 years ago. I couldn’t throw it out even if I wanted to because it weighs an absolute ton.

Where do you go/look for interiors inspo when buying for your home? I look for interiors inspiration everywhere from magazines to bars, hotels rooms and restaurant loos. Like many people my home buys are a mix of vintage, high-end and high street.

Hotel rooms are great for interior inspo

I love a good eBay trawl but I also love the homes floor at Liberty and brands like Rockett St George for something a little different. French Connection Home, Zara Home, and H&M all do very good trend-led and affordable homeware.


What are your décor loves and loathes? At the moment I’m a sucker for Crittall, particularly when it is an internal door or window. I have quite pale walls at home but I do love dark interiors.


It looks more of a statement and lets furniture, art work and books on shelves really stand out.

decoration-design-figurine-700549I’m also having a bit of a love-in with concrete at the moment although it always needs to be offset with something warming like wood.

My decor loathe is any space that looks too contrived and try-hard and doesn’t feel like an authentic home. Such as glossy kitchens and homes full of designer pieces but empty on soul. And I think there’s a special place in hell for satin sheets!

Inject some character into your home

What top tips can you give to people who want to style their homes beautifully on a budget?  Invest in some paint! Repainting a room can transform a space. Moving furniture around can refresh a room and so can buying new accessories like cushions, vases, prints and rugs.

Paint brushes@pixabay
Refresh your home with a lick of paint



I head to eBay and second-hand shops to get unique finds that add a bit more individuality.

Source -
One person’s junk is another’s treasure…

Stock image credits: Pexels and Pixabay

So which style is your favourite? I think I’m becoming a fan of dark interiors, and gold and brass accents always catch my eye.

Many thanks to Busola.  To find out more about what she gets up to, follow her on  Instagram @busolaevans




In the house: Marit Folland

I get a lot of my design inspiration from Instagram, and admiring how people have designed their spaces all around the world.  When I first saw Marit’s home, I was in awe (and envy) of the stunning views from her family living room. So much so, I just HAD to feature her on my ‘in the house’ tour.

The Norwegian family moved into their home in 2014, and I can’t wait to see how they transformed it as she takes us on a tour…

WHO LIVES HERE: Marit, her husband and their son

LOCATION:  Averoy in the Northwest coast of Norway

PROPERTY: Detached house newly-built in 2013

IMG_4244Living room: My husband liked the modern Scandinavian style, I liked the New England shabby chic style, and somewhere along the way we agreed on merging those two styles. I call it modern chic!


I love big windows as it lets in a lot of light into the house. In Norway we have short days and it quickly gets dark, especially during the winter. So I wanted to use the outside and nature to decorate the inside.


With that in mind,  I chose to keep the decor inside simple and minimalist. The room is all white with some coloured pillows to brighten it up.


Kitchen: For me, this is the heart of the house. Since the rest of the house is mainly white, we chose to decorate the kitchen slightly darker.

IMG_4349So the walls are dark against the cabinets that are a warm, oak colour. However, we still wanted the sterile white island.


Office/Guestroom: I love this room as it gives me peace, and I often sit down here all alone reading books.


We chose blue as it’s a relaxing colour, which is ideal for a guestroom and an office. I think this is the nicest room in the house after the big living room!


Entry hall: We wanted to stay away from the long institution-type hallway. So we made it big and broke it up to a room where you can easily access the bedrooms and bathrooms.


We used large, dark tiles as I think it makes it look a little more exclusive.


We painted the walls white because there are no windows there that gives natural light.


Master bedroom: We painted the walls a darker blue, but I’m really considering changing the room into a green colour!



We’ve spent almost four years decorating our home in the style that we liked. In the beginning, we bought a lot of furnishings from IKEA, but in recent years we have  switched things up to other local manufacturers.

Kids playroom: I focused the interior on the nature around us. In the playroom I didn’t do much decor, because it’s all outside from the large windows.


The toys are mostly from Bloomingville, and Jollyroom. The mat is from Heymat, a Norwegian design. The bed and lamp is from ikea.
I find inspiration in other people’s homes on Instagram, magazines and wherever I travel to. I’ve always wanted a beautiful home, and we live on the most beautiful place on earth (we think so anyway!).

Photo credits: Marit Folland


Special thanks to Marit. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!

Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 



6 tips to declutter (for your own sanity!)

One of my pet peeves is clutter. I’m not just talking about the small pile of mess shoved to one corner of the room. Or the stack of old magazines you haven’t had the time to flick through. I’m talking literally the growing amount of everyday ‘stuff’ that starts to take up space and every crevice in your home.

Don’t get swamped in your clutter…

Here are some simple tips with the help of a few experts, to help you lead a decluttered home life (and mind!).

Dump, donate or sell It’s so easy to say but harder to do. In the 12 years of living in our home, I have agonised (yes, it’s ’emosh’), over what to chuck out and what to keep. In the end I had to get ruthless as I’ll find any excuse to keep the most random things. “People who want to declutter their homes should use joy as the yardstick when deciding what to keep and what to discard”, says Marie Kondo,  founder of the Kon Marie, Japanese art of organising.

MUJI Life Pop-Up, Covent Garden (6)
MUJI Life pop-up event, Covent Garden

In other words, what are the things that you truly (madly, deeply) love and what won’t you miss if you’ll never see it again.  I’ve split mine into three groups to make my life easier.

First, chuck out the tatty and dated items you’ve held onto for that non-existent, ‘just in case’ day (unless you want to upcycle?). Give away to charity shops or to friends (what’s one person’s junk is another’s treasure and all that…). Or sell decent items online and make a bit of cash in doing so. The latter can be tedious, but there are various apps that make selling a lot easier from your phone.


“Set your timer for an hour, put some uplifting music on and clear everything from that area,” agrees Hannah Young, Professional Organiser. Even if it takes longer than an hour (let’s face it…it will), it’s always good to give yourself a cake break!

Savvy storage Modular storage to organise your stuff is the second step to the process. Space saving units or stackable ones can be a great way of minimising clutter, and putting things in their rightful place.


It’s also a good way to display your favourite things, rather than having them lying around.  MUJI and IKEA are renowned for their ‘compact-living’ styles with a wide range to suit all homes.

MUJI Life Pop-Up, Covent Garden (9)
MUJI Life Pop-Up, Covent Garden



MADE.COM - Kya shelving unit - brown
Kya extending shelves from MADE.COM


MADE.COM - Kya shelving unit
Kya shelving unit at MADE.COM

If you don’t want items on display, storage cubes can easily slot into the units or come with doors. “Where possible buy good quality, sturdy and transparent storage, that way you can see the contents,” says Hannah, “Whilst fabric and materials made from natural fibres can be more aesthetic they can be difficult to clean, so stick to plastic or glass containers in the kitchen and bathroom.”

Modular storage organises clutter

Float on If you don’t have enough floor space, there’s nothing like a good ‘shelfie’! “Play with walls. Use wall space as a canvas for the things you find interesting”, suggests MUJI expert, “works by your favorite artist, postcards you found while travelling, knickknacks. Decorate your space and make your home your own.”

MADE.COM - Fowler floating cabinet
Fowler wall shelving at MADE.COM
Amazon oblong wall shelves
Oblong Wall Shelves Set at Amazon

And if you don’t have enough wall space, corner floating shelves are practical and stylish. Before deciding on any floating shelves, do make sure your wall is sturdy enough. The last thing you need is a damaged wall and more expense!

Hide away Multi-purpose storage is brilliant. Things like ottomans and chests can be moved around the home, or double up as a seat or footstool. - Velvet ottoman
LULU velvet ottoman bench at MADE.COM

Ottoman Storage Bench and FootstoolThey usually work well in smaller spaces where you have limited storage options. “Ottomans and cubes are great as they are so flexible,” says Hannah, “they’re easily moved around to use at the dining table or your sitting room and also used as side tables.”

Get creative You don’t have to spend more money on new storage. Get creative with everyday things you might find lying around the house, like glass jars, crates, or wrought-iron or woven baskets.

Another genius hack I discovered on Pinterest are curtain tension rods. These are great to hang things up (like all those heels!) or use as dividers in cupboards. As they’re extendable, they fit any crevice and won’t need any drilling as they literally grip the walls.

They are cheap and cheerful on Amazon or in any home store. I won’t get into too much detail here, as I’ll be writing a separate blog post all about the many hacks!

Label where possible One thing we don’t  do enough of is labelling. I know it’s not a priority, but it does save you time in the long-run.

How many times have you emptied out boxes and drawers searching for that ‘urgent’ thing?  Just as I thought! “Make beautiful labels for your containers,” agrees Hannah, “especially for children so they know where things belong and can be part of the tidying up process.” Everything in its rightful place after all!

So what are your useful tips to declutter? And what works well to help you organise your ‘stuff’?


Special thanks to Hannah Young. She’s a Professional Organiser running Revive Your Space in Yorkshire. She is also Head of Partnerships and Campaigns for APDO Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers


In the house: Nest twenty eight

I love looking for inspiration from fellow interior bloggers, and how they have designed their space from scratch into literally a masterpiece. One of my favourite house makeovers comes from Nest Twenty Eight – brought to life by Lucinda Mitra.


As a child she was always inspired by home improvement programmes, such as Changing Rooms, and loved seeing how you can transform a space on a budget. Her family were also members of the National Trust, so she would love visiting stately homes, looking at the beautiful patterns, fabrics and furniture.

I can’t wait to learn how Lucinda transformed her first home, as she takes us on a tour of her beautiful property…

WHO LIVES HERE: Lucinda, husband James and their 2-year-old daughter, Sienna

LOCATION: East Sussex

PROPERTY: Detached four-bedroom house

Living room: This room used to be magnolia on the walls, and had no personality. So I painted three wall in Hague Blue (Farrow and Ball), and the fourth wall in Kalk Litir lime paint for a textured concrete look. I am a massive fan of dark walls because they add character where rooms are lacking them, or enhance character in period properties.


I have been lucky to get amazing hand-me-downs from my parents- the cowhide drum, the Arab chest, the mid-century style side table and the Egyptian pouffe are all older than me and add so much character to our 1980’s house.

IMG_4736IMG_4731I have complimented these items with our mid-century style DFS Zinc sofa and a monochrome IKEA rug. I like to add interest too, seen in the use of hanging branches and eye catching art.

Kitchen: This used to be cream, and instead of ripping out the units (as I saw that they were still in excellent quality), I primed and painted the units in Railings (Farrow and Ball). The difference was amazing, and it’s now one of my most popular rooms on my Instagram feed.

IMG_4726I sprayed the door and drawer knobs and the extractor hood hardware in copper. On the opposite wall in the kitchen, I ripped out the units to create a more open space, and put up a reclaimed scaffold board for open shelving- they’re a lot of fun to style!


Master bedroom:  Our bedroom has been a bit of a work in progress and continues to be, so it’s a bit of an awkward space to style. I bought a vintage ladder and chest from a local antiques shop in Lewes, which I absolutely love- it also acts as fantastic storage!

IMG_4732I love the loft style look, and love subtle vintage/ boho elements too. I bought the rope and big bulb from I Got Big Bulbs, print with black lips from Desenio, wish you were here print from soouk and the bedside lamp from Aldi.

Guest bedroom: I I love Scandi, rustic and industrial decor, and I have incorporated all those looks into my home. Some rooms fit more into one category, like my newly revamped guest bedroom. I have recently updated this room from white walls to Railings, to create a more cosy, modern rustic feel.


IMG_4733It has made the world of difference, as I tried neon colour pops and amazing art on the walls before, but for me, the character was still missing. I also primed and painted the laminate floors using Chalk White Rustoleum floor paint, to create a calmer vibe and primed and painted the laminate wardrobes to match the walls.

IMG_4734Again, I was considering ripping them out, but realised they are actually quite nice, they just need to be a different colour.

Bathroom: As we were on a budget, I didn’t want to spend loads on high end products, so I had to think about where I could save money. I recycled the taps and showers and used high street retailers for all my sanitary ware etc. I bought a standard white sink unit for the main bathroom and upcycled it by priming it and painting it with a tester pot of Farrow and Ball’s Plummet, it was a great way to cut costs.


I love adding wood and greenery to add texture and colour pops, this breaks up the monochrome. I love hexangonal tiles, as they also add interest to the bathrooms.


I have been lucky that I haven’t faced any major challenges. I don’t enjoy painting- especially cupboards that need several coats, but I enjoy seeing the finished result!

Photo credits: Lucinda Mitra

Lucinda profile

Special thanks to Lucinda. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!

Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 


Style lowdown with IKEA

Sweden has brought us many cool things (Absolut vodka, anyone?), but the one thing we can all be grateful for is…IKEA. Whenever we think of simple, stylish and affordable home interiors, there’s only one place to go, and the much-loved store has literally changed the way we design our homes.

It’s also compulsive, making you believe you need EVERYTHING. I can’t tell you the countless times (and countless hours), where I’ve gone to buy floating shelves or something actually needed, only to come home with a floor lamp, sofa bed, glasses (because you can never have enough), a rug, and the compulsory scented candles. But wait, no floating shelves! Many a time I’ve seen people (like myself), squeeze giant flat-packs into their cars without measuring a thing, because quite frankly, they just had to have it!

It’s this art of tapping into consumer trends and needs that makes IKEA so popular. One woman responsible for creating this frenzy is Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader from IKEA UK and Ireland. I catch up with her to talk this year’s exciting Spring/Summer trends, and find out the secret behind IKEA’s success.

Firstly, what is your role and what does it involve? I’ve been working for IKEA for over 16 years. I started in 2001 at the first store in Rome, whilst I was finishing my masters in architecture. Taking my next steps within IKEA, I moved into the UK in 2010; firstly at store level, then joining the Service Office to support the UK & IE organisation in 2012.

Clotilde Passalacqua Photo © Joel Chant

My role is varied. I’m responsible for the way we present the range and showcase IKEA home furnishing expertise in all external media. This includes TV advertising, store pre-opening campaigns, social media and external events. It is key to ensure that those reaching us using channels other than through the stores, still understand how IKEA can help them to improve their everyday life.

This SS18 season has four amazing trends. How does IKEA predict trends? And where does the inspiration come from? IKEA looks at a variety of channels to shape their trends. Wider macro trends such as living space and the environment shape the larger collections, whilst fast-changing trends such as fashion influence seasonal and limited edition ranges.

PH146282, ODGER chair £65, BJURSTA extendable table £140, TUTEMO open cabinet £26, METODBlurred Boundaries  Within the Blurred Boundaries trend, indoors meets outdoors seamlessly, reconnecting us with nature as well as giving the feeling of bigger living spaces to enjoy.

PH142863, MASTHOLMEN armchair £87.50, KUNGSHOLMEN sofa £498, BILLY bookcase £250,For those lucky enough to have an indoor and outdoor space, include items such as the MORUM rug and YPPERLIG chair, whilst those who don’t have access to a garden or balcony can still create the outdoor look by dressing a room with plants.


Urban Youth The Urban Youth trend focuses on how young people are using home furnishing products in their day-to-day life as a form of highlighting their belongings, and therefore their personality.

Picture 292 PhotoRepro:1The likes of the upcoming SPANST collection is central to the trend and creates a minimalist but statement look and feel that perfectly suits an Urban Youth lifestyle.


Bold personality With a focus on oranges, bright blues and vibrant yellows, this Bold Personality focuses on injecting energy and fun into the home by creating pockets of colour and texture through soft furnishings, striking patterns and large, bold pieces of furniture.

PH147115A great way to create the Bold Personality look at home is to step away from an all-white space and introduce colourful and striking patterns.


Quirky designs such as those seen in the new OMEDELBAR collection, and playful colours shape this trend to create an environment of energy and fun within the home. To stop the look becoming too overpowering, pair with a minimalist sofa such as DELAKTIG.

Fluid spaces With more people than ever moving to cities, and the average home in the UK shrinking in size, there is an increasing need for homes that can constantly change and evolve – not only from month to month, but also throughout the day.

PH148100The Fluid Spaces trend is about flexible products that can adapt to different styles and functions. To keep up with constantly changing trends, buy modular furniture such as the VALENTUNA sofa, which can be added to and moved around at ease to adjust to changing home needs.


When creating the look, the use of storage units with a simple design work well and will fit into any room design.

IKEA has revolutionised the way we design our spaces. Why do you think the brand continues to be so popular? I think IKEA has been so successful because research is such a key element in the design process. One thing that most customers aren’t often aware of is that stores frequently visit homes in the surrounding area to learn about living conditions and habits in the community.


The store then replicates the rooms in store to show customers inspirational set ups which they can achieve at home. For example, in Wembley (London) the room sets are much smaller because people in the area typically live in small flats, whereas in America, room sets can be double the size as houses are a lot larger.

What are your personal favourite IKEA styles/products? STOCKHOLM is definitely my favourite range. It is timeless, elegant and any piece you buy will last you forever. I have an armchair and many accessories, and each time I have moved, it has been easy to integrate them into my new home.


So which of the four trends suits your lifestyle and home? I think mine would be Blurred Boundaries, as I love nature and exotic botanicals in my space. Although, I do love Fluid Spaces as I have a thing for clever, modular storage that can be moved around. 

If you’re stuck on how to Spring-style your home, you can check out more of IKEA’s room ideas here.

In the house: Villa Nielsen

I get a lot of my interior design inspiration from Instagram – it’s just an endless melting pot of ideas and stunning homes created and appreciated by fellow ‘geeks’. Plus I always love snooping in other people’s homes to see how they have designed their spaces to make it their own.

One of my favourite ’Instagrammers’ is Sussi Nielsen’s ‘Villa Nielsen’ in Sweden. While the minimalist trend of ’Scandi-style’ has been floating around (made popular by IKEA), I want to see what real Scandi design looks like from someone who actually lives there!

Outside 2
Welcome to Villa Nielsen

Sussi opens up her doors to take us on a tour of her beautiful home…

WHO LIVES HERE: Sussi and husband Rolf. They have four children, and four grand children

LOCATION: Anderstorp, Sweden

PROPERTY: New build, angle house (2014). Both Sussi and Rolf took inspiration from a 1950s house designed by a famous swedish designer Bruno Mathsson. His house had an almost flat roof and the roof also ‘hanged out’ over the house. Villa Nielsen’s roof has about 90cm that hangs over the walls and the house is built with an angle.

Hallway/entrance I have always wanted a beautiful entrance to my home. That is why we have a big hallway. The wall at the end of the hallway is a big tree. And I love that this is what you see when you open the door to our house.

You could call my style nordic minimalism but I love to add some cozyness too. I love clean and open spaces. White and black and a bit of grey are my colours, and to that it’s possible to add any colour you like.


villa nielsen hallway

Hallway 2

I love to mix design furniture, with old things. In the hallway I have my grandmothers old sideboard. It used to be in a very ugly brown colour but I love it in white and I think of my grand mother every time I open the doors.

Master bedroom Our bedroom is a bit more romantic with the flower wall in grey. We have a door that leads out to a small patio deck and the garden. It’s lovely to almost have the garden in the bedroom. I love the small windows as well.

Master bedroom

Patio 1

Living room/kitchen open plan Our thoughts when we planned our house was that we really wanted a big open space for entertainment. We are a big family and we wanted to have room for us all. The dinner table is from Materia and we can easily fit 12 people around it. As our family constatly grows we have folding tables that we add when we need space for even more people.

Open plan 1

Open plan 2

Open plan 3

Kitchen table livingroom

The lamp over the table is also from By Rydéns – Random. The sliding doors opens the whole wall – total more than 3 meters. So during the summertime when we open up we are directly connected to the outdoor space and the garden.

Sliding doors

Sussi Nielson house2The kitchen is Ballingslövs kök Line. The drawers are without handles and the stainless strip gives the kitchen a bit of edge. The counter top is black stone. The corner solution drawers are the best.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen corner solution

The living room wall is painted with Jotun lady minerals in colour Grey skiffer. This wall looks almost like it is a stone wall. The wall to the kitchen is a perfect TV-wall.

TV-wallWe have chosen the same floor through out the whole house. It is Tango Stone grey from Tarkett. It’s a bit darker, wooden floor with some grey/black in it.

LivingroomMaster bathroom  A big bathroom was important for us as we love to have a sauna. Also we have a jacuzzi outside and you just open the door from the bathroom and the pool is just there. As the bathroom is so big we choose really big tiles. The colour is brown/grey and matches the wooden floor in the rest of the house.

Master bathroom

JacuzziThe accessories and decor in our house are really a mix of things. It could be old stuff from my mothers house, new things I have bought or it could be things H&M and so on. I also love flea markets and often go to search for things.  I use spray paint to modernise things.Entrence 1I really love our house, and together with my husband, family and friends, it completes me!

Photo credits: Sussi Nielsen 


Special thanks to Sussi Nielsen. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!


Copper crush: Essential style

Metallics have always been popular when it comes to home decor, whether it’s brushed chrome and stainless steel to metallic paint.  But the trend that hasn’t gone rusty just yet is copper accents – one of my favourites! Once considered industrial, brushed copper gives a soft, warm glow to any room – adding a touch of luxury and style.

Copper lamp
Copper accents add that finishing touch

So you don’t need a loft-style conversion to pull it off,  it’s pretty much suited to any interior style or colour scheme.

Here are some tips to consider when styling with copper, and also some of my ‘dream buys’ that will add spice (and warmth) to your space!

Set against a plain backdrop While copper generally goes with anything, it does stand out against plain walls – from neutrals to teal or deep green.  Geometric wallpaper or psychedelic patterns may look too ‘busy’ against the copper. Plus, you don’t want to distract from the feature.


LEXIE metal mirror at Maisons du Monde

White or neutral walls work well with large, contemporary mirrors and stylish clocks.

ALANA wall mirrorALANA round mirror at MADE



Bard Pendulum Wall Clock, Brushed Copper

BARD pendulum clock at MADE

Going for geo  Copper accessories doesn’t always have to be identical. Group different geometric shapes or styles, such as vases or lanterns. For vases, I would probably just add a single stem, faux botanicals, or simply keep them empty.  These Egyptian-style, tapered vases are so striking that they stand out on their own.

Beaumont copper vase collection at MADE

Other geo styles include light pendants and candle holders, which are good finishing touches to a room.


SLATTBO pendant lamp at IKEA

Something Different Geometric Candle Holder On Base, Copper
Geometric Candle Holder On Base at Amazon


Frame - Amazon

INNOVA multi opening frame at Amazon

Make a statement Go bold with a single centre piece. This can include contemporary cluster light pendants, lamps or unique side tables. Just make sure the cluster lights are installed in proportion with the space. A small space with a low ceiling might not be suitable, but you can still go for a smaller pendant lamp.

Copper pendants and clockAUSTIN cluster lights at MADE

Having just one or two statement pieces is ideal if you have a smaller space, and don’t want to clutter with too many accessories. Less is more!


PE582671VINDKARE pendant lamp at IKEA

Alana beside table2ALANA two-tier side table at MADE

obie table lampOBIE copper and marble base desk lamp at MADE

Copper clash Copper looks just as dramatic when mixed with other materials, like marble or stone, like these planters. They just add a hint of copper without being overwhelming.

wrought iron and cement footed planter


Copper and concrete planter at Maisons du Monde

Lampshade burshed with copper - AmazonLinen lampshade with copper inner at Amazon

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor
Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase at Amazon


These copper and marble wall clocks look so stylish for any room.

Black marble and copper clockCullen - black marble and copper clock

Cullen - marble and copper clock
Cullen wall clocks in black or white marble at MADE

Colours that work well together

  • Navy Blue + Fuchsia + Shades of Brown
  • Copper Red + Black and White
  • Coral + Emerald Green
  • Orange + Shades of Blue
  • Orange + Hot Pink
  • Turquoise + Tangerine
  • Indigo + Copper
  • White + Everything!

So these are some of my copper crushes (out of many!). Which one was your favourite style?

Style lowdown with Houzz

Anytime I’m in need of an interior fix (literally all the time), I can easily spend hours browsing on my design apps. One of my favourites that I’m totally hooked on is Houzz – an interiors site with hundreds of beautiful home designs, products and renovation ideas for all types of spaces.

I recently visited their Houzz of 2018 pop-up event in Soho that saw an empty five-storey townhouse transform into a stunning apartment. Not only did it make me want to move in for a week, but I came away with real interior style envy!

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

I catch up with Victoria Harrison, Editor of Houzz to talk about the inspiration behind the house and what trends to look out for in 2018.

Firstly, what is your role and what does it entail? As Editor of Houzz for UK and Ireland, I look after all of the content for the UK and Irish sites, from Houzz Tours and decorating features, to garden tours and DIY features.

Vicky Harrison Headshot
Victoria Harrison, Houzz Editor

I spent 10 years working as a writer and stylist for a range of consumer magazines and newspapers, then four years ago I was asked to help launch Houzz in the UK and the rest is history!

How did you come up with the creative vision/styles for the Houzz of 2018 pop-up event?  It was all about showcasing and bringing to life 2018’s hottest home design trends based on the platform’s community insights and data. Run For the Hills, an interior design studio on Houzz, designed the space based on these trends, integrating shades of green, 1970s retro, botanicals and modern craft into the furniture, accessories, materials and fabric into the flat.

While the Houzz of 2018 concept was months in the making, we only had three days to physically transform the five-storey Soho townhouse from a blank canvas into a beautiful flat, complete with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home office and children’s room. It was a bit of a whirlwind but seeing the end result made it all worthwhile!

 How do you forecast interior trends? Houzz has an incredibly engaged community of users who are actively renovating and decorating their homes through the platform and this gives us a great deal of insight into popular designs, styles and influences. It’s this data, based on user engagement with interior design and renovation, which has allowed us to forecast trends in an authentic and quantifiable way.
Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 
Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

What are the top trends we can expect to see in 2018? A 1970s contemporary revival is definitely on the cards – think bold, clashing patterns, and glitzy gold accessories. Many of the interiors items making waves at the moment had their roots in this bold decade.

Houseplants have also taken over interiors at a rampant pace and this has led to more botanical inspired wallpapers and fabrics, a trend we believe will continue to grow with a nod to the delicate prints of the Victorian era.

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

Dark green has been a slow-burn trend for a while but deep, rich shades of forest green have gathered speed and all shades of green are firmly on the map for 2018, from jewel-bright emeralds to mossy woodland tones.

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

Crafted design influences from heavily textured and woven wall hangings to rugs, stools and chairs are set to be big this year in our homes, with a focus on celebrating the history and story behind each piece of homeware and shining a spotlight on the skills of the designer-maker.

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 
Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

And finally, modern rustic which celebrates refreshed country styles, looking just as good in urban terraces as rural farmhouses.

Natural materials and traditional crafts are brought up to date with modern techniques and contemporary colours.

Photo by Amelia Hallsworth Photography 

Tips to make a small space feel bigger Don’t think small! The temptation is often to fill a small room with small furniture but that can just make the space feel cluttered and cramped.

Don’t be afraid to choose one large piece of furniture, or large piece of artwork instead and really make a feature of it, keeping everything else simple.

So which look was your favourite style? I absolutely loved the cosy feel of the bedrooms with the faux sheepskin throws and rugs. And the marble wall tiles in the bathroom gave it a grandeur effect.
For more interior ideas, you definitely need Houzz in your life! Check it out and let me know what you think.