Style lowdown with Topology

I do love a good bargain when I’m on the hunt for beautiful items for our home. A cool duo after my own heart are interior designers and award-winning bloggers, Amy and Athina.

Topology at work at Habitat

Collectively they form Topology – an online, affordable, interior design service. Their mission is to show that great style doesn’t have to come at a huge cost. They have collaborated with the likes of Habitat, and are recognised as  ‘Home Experts’ from Wayfair. I catch up with Topology to chat all things ‘interiors’…

The dynamic designers are Amy (left) and Athina

Have you always had a passion for interior design? I discovered my passion for interior design at uni where I loved changing my room scheme every year. Trips to IKEA were like heaven for me! I then went onto working in the luxury furniture industry. Amy also discovered her passion during her time working for a property developer.

Everyone loves IKEA! Image: Bold personality (IKEA)

What inspired the conception of Topology? Topology was created because I struggled to find inspiration that was actually affordable.

IMG_0068And so I wanted to offer a method of interior design which was non-invasive, affordable and helpful to others on a budget.


How do you come up with creative ideas for a design? We ask clients to create a very detailed brief and then share ideas on platforms like Pinterest or Houzz.

Topology at work
Working on a project for Habitat

From there, we create a furniture layout which we tweak an unlimited amount of times until they’re happy. They leave the leg work to us and we create their designs!

Topology at work-habitat-128
Design finishing touches for Habitat

What are your favourite trends/styles and why? ATHINA: I love ‘distressed’ items such as leathers, woods and linens). Also mixed scandi-influenced clean lines.

Scandi2AMY: I’m more of a vintage, retro and mid-century piece lover.  They’ve all got character and create a more dynamic space!


What has been your favourites of 2018? And what can we expect to see in the new year? Favourite trend has been the influence of plants. They are amazing for our wellbeing and mental health. It’s so great to see people buying into nature more!


I think the big thing for 2019 will be corduroy!  This is huge in fashion at the moment and will hit the mainstream interiors market big time. Think upholstered furniture in corduroy. You heard it here first!

Is corduroy the next big thing? (stock pic: Pexels)

What top tips can you give to people who want to style their homes beautifully on a tight budget? Try charity shops like the British Heart Foundation – it’s amazing what kind of finds you can get. Like amazing, second- hand furniture for next to nothing, or a chest of drawers for just £20.


You can also find some gems on the high-street. We both love H&M Home!

What are your décor loves and loathes? We love texture, mid-century pieces, high ceilings, panelling.


And loathe matching furniture sets, chunky furniture and sticking with one wood type throughout!

Do you like or loathe matching furniture? (Image: Pexels)

Check out more of Amy and Athina’s designs at Topology.

Photo credits: Topology


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