In the house: Judith Haugk

I love looking for inspiration from fellow interior bloggers from around the world, and how they’ve designed their spaces. The bohemian-chic trend has gained popularity over the years, and one of my favourite ‘boho’ interiors comes from student teacher, Judith Haugk.

Livingroom 5

Bohemian or ‘traveller’ in the traditional sense meant an eclectic mish-mash of colourful interiors inspired by global influences and natural materials, like hand-woven rattan or jute.

Judith’s white bohemian and oriental style with a touch of coastal and wooden elements really reflects this. She also has a lot of bright textures, coastal details and silver treasures in her apartment. I can’t wait to take a tour into her bohemian paradise!

WHO LIVES HERE: Judith, her boyfriend and their two cats Polly & Tinka

LOCATION: Flensburg in the north of Germany

PROPERTY:New-build rental apartment

Bedroom: I just love this room. Sleeping here is so comfy and it’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings! I have a preference for rugs – but on the wall!

Bedroom 2

I love the way the rug over our bed and the throw make a connection. Cushions with different textures and some natural elements making this room to our personal oasis.

Bedroom 1

Living room: A rug again! I think this jute rug is like our statement piece.

Livingroom 1

Here you can find lots of  throws and textures, also the eye can spot many decor details. It seems the sofa is also the preferred sleeping place of our cats!

Livingroom 2

The Chakki table is my favourite piece in here, and matches the bench perfectly.

Dining area: I bought this mango wood dining table a couple of years ago and I still love it so much.

Dining Area 2

It isn’t perfect, has spots and bumps but that is what’s giving this table its character. The counter behind it is a cool element to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Dining Area 1

My boyfriend adores the lights and as most of the styling is in my hands, he was ‘allowed’ to bring these cool, industrial style lights.

Balcony: I like our balcony so much! It’s bright and big so it’s like a second living room in the summer.

Balcony 3

I love our pallet sofa, the white rug and the selfmade cat balcony. I even embellished the cat balcony so it will fit right in.

Balcony 1

Having breakfast with a view on the roofs of the old town of Flensburg – that is the perfect morning to me!

Corridor: Our corridor is very long with a lot of doors so decorating here is a bit tricky. I used all the walls to place boho or oriental elements. I do a lot of decorating myself, such as painting drift wood or re-designing flower pots.

Corridor 1

I also build furniture myself. The bench in our corridor is my favourite piece and it’s the first thing our guests see when they visit us.

Corridor 2

I tried to create a tiny white boho theme here so people will understand the connection with the other rooms.

Guest bathroom: This little room was a real adventure as it can be tricky when you don’t have that much space.

Guest Bathroom 1

I added statement pieces so the bathroom will also have a boho vibe. I enjoy the flexibility of our home as I can re-arrange pieces to go with any room.

Guest Bathroom 2

I love to change the decor from time to time, and keep finding treasures in markets, boutiques and Danish stores.

Dining Area 3

When we moved into our apartment, I finished the decor and furniture styling in three days – I can easily forget about the time and space.

Bedroom 3My boyfriend is half Persian, so my love for white bohemian just suits our home perfectly! We often call it our ‘White Boho Haven’,  as we get the feeling of a vacation every time we come home.

All photo credits: Judith Haugk

Judith profile pic

Special thanks to Judith. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!


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Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 

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