Style lowdown with Busola Evans, Homes & Interiors Journalist

As a women’s lifestyle journalist with a rather unhealthy obsession for home interiors, it never occurred to me that I could actually turn it into a career. But fellow journo, Busola Evans, has done exactly that!

Busola profile pic
Busola is Acting Editor for Livingetc magazine

With 20-years’ experience in the industry as a showbiz and lifestyle writer, Busola decided to embark on her passion for interiors a couple of years ago. Currently Acting Deputy Editor for Livingetc magazine, I catch up with her to talk all things interiors!

What does your role typically involve? Overseeing features and shopping on the magazine as well as assisting with the overall production of the mag. Part of my job also is to sift through inspiration and work out which styles or colours for instance keep cropping up, which is a strong indicator as to which trends are likely to be prevalent.

Living room decor.pixabay

As well as going to press events, there is also the opportunity to meet brands on a one-to-one basis and discuss what they have planned for the season ahead. And of course there are the design shows like Salone last month and Clerkenwell which recently took place.


Have you always had a passion for interior design? Yes, I’ve always loved interior design.  My father is a retired architect and my late mother loved textiles and fabric (as many African women do!) so I grew up with an appreciation for buildings which then carried through to how they were furnished inside.


I am really interested in the psychology of how a space and its colours can have an effect on how you feel.

Colours affect our moods






When I was younger I would create mood boards before I even really knew what they were, and often did room plans just using pen and paper and drawing out each piece of furniture!


What are the top trends we can expect to see more of in 2018? Bold prints are very popular, so we’re talking statement wallpaper, big patterns on rugs and cushions, furniture upholstered in printed fabric – just anything that taps into the whole ‘maximalism’ vibe.

Mural wallpaper.pixabay
Make a statement with dramatic wallpaper

Tropical prints will be strong all year and will carry through into winter with a moodier backdrop.

Tropicana is strong this year

The love for pink shows no sign of abating and works beautifully with gold and brass. Browns and chocolate shades are set to be huge this autumn, as well as mustard. It’s a 70s revival!

brown leather-seats-pixabay
Vintage browns and mustards are back!

What are your favourite trends/styles? I love the trend for indoor plants – I have an urban jungle going on at home!
Plant power can spruce up a space

Brass and gold are favourites because they add a touch of luxe to a space although for me, they have to be used in a considered way as I don’t like anything looking too ‘blingy’.

gold lamp.pixabay
Gold accents add luxe to decor

The use of wood and natural materials also gives a welcoming, relaxed feel that I like.

wood wallpixabay
Natural materials like wood are relaxing

What are common interior mishaps made? One of the most common, and I have been guilty of this, is not measuring up properly. This could be anything from curtains to rugs. I have made impulsive buys which haven’t worked in the space I intended, either too big or too small.

Measure up before you buy!

I once bought a floor lamp that was so big that it hit the ceiling of our tiny one-bedroom flat at the time. So measure, measure, and measure again!

Don’t forget to bring your tape!

Describe your own home in a few words  Relaxed, eclectic, too many books!

You can never have too many books

Name four items in your home that you can’t live without I’ll always love my sofa, a drop-arm Chesterfield which I bought on eBay ten years ago and reupholstered in grey velvet (very daring at the time!).


The other things I treasure are; a large piece of art my husband bought for me from a Sicilian street painter 16 years ago which is above our living room fireplace, my framed family pictures, and my mango wood coffee table which I bought on eBay for a song about 12 years ago. I couldn’t throw it out even if I wanted to because it weighs an absolute ton.

Where do you go/look for interiors inspo when buying for your home? I look for interiors inspiration everywhere from magazines to bars, hotels rooms and restaurant loos. Like many people my home buys are a mix of vintage, high-end and high street.

Hotel rooms are great for interior inspo

I love a good eBay trawl but I also love the homes floor at Liberty and brands like Rockett St George for something a little different. French Connection Home, Zara Home, and H&M all do very good trend-led and affordable homeware.


What are your décor loves and loathes? At the moment I’m a sucker for Crittall, particularly when it is an internal door or window. I have quite pale walls at home but I do love dark interiors.


It looks more of a statement and lets furniture, art work and books on shelves really stand out.

decoration-design-figurine-700549I’m also having a bit of a love-in with concrete at the moment although it always needs to be offset with something warming like wood.

My decor loathe is any space that looks too contrived and try-hard and doesn’t feel like an authentic home. Such as glossy kitchens and homes full of designer pieces but empty on soul. And I think there’s a special place in hell for satin sheets!

Inject some character into your home

What top tips can you give to people who want to style their homes beautifully on a budget?  Invest in some paint! Repainting a room can transform a space. Moving furniture around can refresh a room and so can buying new accessories like cushions, vases, prints and rugs.

Paint brushes@pixabay
Refresh your home with a lick of paint



I head to eBay and second-hand shops to get unique finds that add a bit more individuality.

Source -
One person’s junk is another’s treasure…

Stock image credits: Pexels and Pixabay

So which style is your favourite? I think I’m becoming a fan of dark interiors, and gold and brass accents always catch my eye.

Many thanks to Busola.  To find out more about what she gets up to, follow her on  Instagram @busolaevans




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