How to work black into your interiors

Who would have thought that black walls would be a top trend? While I’ve always preferred light and bright spaces, I’ve been slightly obsessed lately with stylish dark interiors and decor (I now have a black kitchen sink!).

2012-02-06 13.13.17
Hartleys bedrooms

From matt black to blue hues, many people are using dramatic, darker tones to create modern and stunning spaces.

Be sure before you commit to black walls! (pixabay)

But while it may seem daring to go bold, you can still dabble into the ‘dark side’ (without looking like the Addams Family household!). Here are just a few ways you can add black into your home

Start small You may not want to go all out with the black paint, but you can start off small with just one wall or a door. Opting for a gallery feature wall can also stand out and look striking without being overbearing.

Feature wall.FB
Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’

If you are nervous to use black within the home I would start in a smaller space, like a bathroom or cloakroom,” agrees Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball. “Black hues are also great for using on woodwork such as skirting boards and the spindles of a staircase.”

Pair with lighter colours Darker interiors work well with contrasting lighter colours. The monochrome look is still classic or you can go all ‘art deco’ with vibrant use of colours.

Matrix Ebony 06
ILIV: Matrix Ebony Fabric Collection, from £34.00 per metre
Matrix Ebony 01
ILIV: Headboard in: Quartz Fabric in Ebony, from £62.00 per metre (part of the Matric Ebony collection)

Mixing and matching textures also adds to style and feel of the room.

2012-02-06 10.02.27
Hartley bedrooms

Although it might seem counter intuitive, the use of a dark colour like Black Blue is generally best suited to a smaller room.” says Charlotte.

Teal wall and door.Fb
Farrow & Ball

Accessorise with black accents If you’re not entirely convinced about having dark walls, you can just dot accessories around the home. Light pendants, vases or candle holders make nice decor.


2012-02-14 09.17.01

Grand statement Sometimes all it takes is one or two statement pieces to make a difference to the room. Even if your walls are neutral, you can still have black furnishings that look stylish on their own.

Black Gloss Cameo 1



From a huge sofa to gloss or matt drawers and wardrobes these can really look classy.

2012-02-06 13.13.17

TOP TIP: Remember you don’t have to buy brand new furniture to go ‘back to black’. You can simply revamp something you already have at home with a fresh coat of paint. There are so many darker paint variations on the market, so don’t feel limited.

So are you convinced to step into the ‘dark side’? And what style would you go for?


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