In the house: Marit Folland

I get a lot of my design inspiration from Instagram, and admiring how people have designed their spaces all around the world.  When I first saw Marit’s home, I was in awe (and envy) of the stunning views from her family living room. So much so, I just HAD to feature her on my ‘in the house’ tour.

The Norwegian family moved into their home in 2014, and I can’t wait to see how they transformed it as she takes us on a tour…

WHO LIVES HERE: Marit, her husband and their son

LOCATION:  Averoy in the Northwest coast of Norway

PROPERTY: Detached house newly-built in 2013

IMG_4244Living room: My husband liked the modern Scandinavian style, I liked the New England shabby chic style, and somewhere along the way we agreed on merging those two styles. I call it modern chic!


I love big windows as it lets in a lot of light into the house. In Norway we have short days and it quickly gets dark, especially during the winter. So I wanted to use the outside and nature to decorate the inside.


With that in mind,  I chose to keep the decor inside simple and minimalist. The room is all white with some coloured pillows to brighten it up.


Kitchen: For me, this is the heart of the house. Since the rest of the house is mainly white, we chose to decorate the kitchen slightly darker.

IMG_4349So the walls are dark against the cabinets that are a warm, oak colour. However, we still wanted the sterile white island.


Office/Guestroom: I love this room as it gives me peace, and I often sit down here all alone reading books.


We chose blue as it’s a relaxing colour, which is ideal for a guestroom and an office. I think this is the nicest room in the house after the big living room!


Entry hall: We wanted to stay away from the long institution-type hallway. So we made it big and broke it up to a room where you can easily access the bedrooms and bathrooms.


We used large, dark tiles as I think it makes it look a little more exclusive.


We painted the walls white because there are no windows there that gives natural light.


Master bedroom: We painted the walls a darker blue, but I’m really considering changing the room into a green colour!



We’ve spent almost four years decorating our home in the style that we liked. In the beginning, we bought a lot of furnishings from IKEA, but in recent years we have  switched things up to other local manufacturers.

Kids playroom: I focused the interior on the nature around us. In the playroom I didn’t do much decor, because it’s all outside from the large windows.


The toys are mostly from Bloomingville, and Jollyroom. The mat is from Heymat, a Norwegian design. The bed and lamp is from ikea.
I find inspiration in other people’s homes on Instagram, magazines and wherever I travel to. I’ve always wanted a beautiful home, and we live on the most beautiful place on earth (we think so anyway!).

Photo credits: Marit Folland


Special thanks to Marit. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!

Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 



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