Top 10 interior crushes of the year

I can’t believe we’re heading into 2019 already! Where did the time go? It’s certainly been an exciting year in the world of interiors, and I’ve seen so many styles to obsess over.

Christmas pic

So I thought it would be fitting to give you my own round-up of top 10 decor lusts and interior crushes…

  1. Teal Takeover

Teal was making big moves in the interior world. A lovely deep shade of blue that really makes a bold, statement wall.


If you’re not daring enough to paint all your walls teal (ideally, you would need plenty of natural light or big windows), you can still include it in your interiors – like plush furniture or decor.

Teal sofa - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
teal tiles - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

2. Back to Black

Matte black and dark interiors have been one of my ultimate favourites this year (who knew?). Gone are the days when black was celebrated by the gothics! Matte black walls and decor are now a popular, stylish design.

Black bedroom - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

It can really transform rooms into dramatic and stunning spaces.

black interiors2 - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


3. Dusky Pink 

I’ve never been a huge fan of pink, but have fallen in love with this blush, pastel tone. Not too overwhelming, it brings a soft touch to darker colour schemes.

dusky pink - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Blush pink looks great when matched with grey or copper interiors.

Blush pink and grey - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Blush and grey interiors - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

4. Glass Partitions

This year, I’ve had a lot of people asking for ideas on dividing an open-plan space. And while most prefer the modern, open-plan living, others still like separate rooms. So why not strike a balance?

room divider - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Glass walls or interior glass screens are a great way of dividing a space, and lets light flood in. It’s also great for smaller spaces, without it feeling too dark and dingy, and a nice, contemporary feature.

room divider2 - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
division - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

5. Balcony Hygge

Balcony2 - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

You don’t need a garden to eat or entertain outdoors. Balconies are often overlooked in interior design. But with some imagination, they can be transformed into pretty, cosy spaces.

Balcony3 - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


It’s amazing what lanterns, soft textures, flowers and string lighting can do to make a small balcony so inviting. Bring the indoors out!

6. Monochrome Magic

I used to think the black-and-white colour scheme was so ‘last season’, but after I’ve seen some beautiful Scandi-styles, I stand corrected!

Monochrome living room - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

With the help of the likes of Swedish brands, monochrome has been ‘rebooted’ to look more modern and stylish.

Monochrome bedroom - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Contemporary furnishings like a geometric table or glass vases, adds to the simple yet stunning design.

7. Two-Toned Colour

Who says you need to paint walls in one colour? The two-tone, or half-painted wall has been another of my favourites this year.

Half painted wall - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Whether it’s one wall, an entire room or kitchen cabinets, the stunning two-tone look adds so much character to a space.

Two-toned kitchen - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
Two-tone bathroom - pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

8. Typography Wall Art

Making statements (literally) with inspirational or witty typography prints have been hot this year.  A simple idea, yet great for injecting some personality into your home!

Typography1 - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

If you want something different other than your generic family photos, or art work, then ‘say it with words’ instead.

9. Natural Textiles

As much as I’ve been inspired by the contemporary, I love handmade furnishings from natural materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. You just can’t beat the quality of natural textures.

Natural decor - Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

This year has seen an emphasis on wood-crafted decor, woven rugs and rattan baskets.

10. Stone Love

Concrete has been another popular style this year, and I’ve seen some stunning concrete bathrooms/basins on Instagram.

Concrete basin
Photo: Pinterest

I love the spa-effect style,  bringing Zen to a standard bathroom.

So these are just some of my top interior faves of 2018 (follow my Instagram to see more). What has been your favourite styles? I look forward to getting more inspiration in the new year!

Main photo credit: Photo by Giftpundits



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