In the house: Susanne Pumpluen

I love looking for inspiration from fellow interior bloggers from around the world, and how they’ve designed their spaces. My latest ‘house tour’ is with Susanne, who is an Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics (impressive!).

Her favourite style is rustic scandi, with some bohemian vibes and a touch of ‘eclectic’. She also has several mid-century, modern pieces throughout the house. Here she kindly opens up her doors…


WHO LIVES HERE: Susanne, her husband and their twins

LOCATION: Nottingham, UK

PROPERTY: A 1940s, semi-detached house

Living area: I love to make our home feel cozy and welcome, and give it personality. In the winter this means lots of furs and blankets, and in the summer, flowers and branches from the garden.


The bay window was just large enough to accommodate a small couch. This was also the best way to use the little space we have. Recently, I placed some leftover wood pieces from the new fence we got in the garden, on its window sill. This gives a bit more of a rustic feel and adds some contrast to that corner.


Dining room: I was always a fan of using white with black and natural accents. Depending on season and taste, one can then change the mood of a room adding more accent colours.


Our living room has several pieces of furniture from Habitat. We have a glass TV table as it visually takes less space away from the room.


To be able to host guests, we got an extendable dining table from Ikea. We have to move the large couch but we can seat a dozen people when it is extended. Our living room is also our dining room, as our kitchen is too small to accommodate any kind of seating area.

Gardens/outdoor lounge: Our garden has several very old trees adjacent to it, and two seating areas. It is basically protected from outside view. We spend a lot of time there in the summer.


We have some Ikea garden furniture that I painted white, and some old bistro chairs I brought with me from Germany. They also changed colour (they used to be blue). Most of the other deco is from charity shops and changes with the seasons.


My favourite room in the summer is the garden, if you are allowed to call this a ‘room’! This is where we come together as a family.


Living in different countries exposed me to many styles, and probably helped me to fine-tune my own taste over the years. I look for inspiration mostly on Pinterest and Instagram as I find the homes on there more relatable. With a little imagination, you can make whatever type of home cosy, without investing much money.


All photo credits: Susanne Pumpluen


Special thanks to Susanne. Do check out her Instagram (@s.u.s.a.p)  to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!

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