In the house: Diane Hill, Interior Artist

Diane Hill is a talented artist specialising in amazing bespoke hand-painted interiors and decor (yes, everything she paints is by hand!) Her expertise in chinoiserie mural painting is inspired from Far-Eastern art and technique to beautifully adapt to modern interiors.

I can’t wait to find out how she has applied her creative flair to her family home and make it a unique style.

WHO LIVES HERE: Diane, husband Matt and their two children Bonnie and Rosie

LOCATION: Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

PROPERTY: A 1959 semi detached

Bonnie’s room


‘I started making detailed plans for the childrens wall murals. As the nursery is a box room I felt I could try to undertake a full chinoiserie room. The process of this room took an entire year! I painted in and out of Bonnie’s nap times and just took things very slowly.


I think the white display unit works as a great contrast against the wall mural for Bonnies array of books and toys. I handmade the curtains from silk dupion, and the tall childs measuring giraffe was found on the street by our friend, he was being thrown away. We look after him now!


This is Bonnies little play corner, and I love that basket against the wall mural! The lovely farm house play set is by Melissa and Doug.

Diane with baby Bonnie
Diane with baby Bonnie

The room is tiny, it is just over 2 meters wide, but by painting this chinoiserie with layers of bamboo then trees, it seems to have opened up the space. It feels as though you are looking into a garden.’

Rosie’s room 

‘This is Rosie’s own artwork of an apple and pear in gold leaf sat next to my hand painted cherry blossom mural. She also has her own plant that she is in charge of caring for!

IMG_9627dj new

IMG_9674dj new

Rosie displays all her favourite books and nick nacks on her extra wide chest of drawers from IKEA. The cherry blossom mural is soft and calm, which echoes her own personality.’

Living room

IMG_9501dj new

‘This is our everyday chill out zone! The wallpaper is based on terrazzo flooring from the 1950s. I hand-painted the pattern on and paired it with peach and gold, as an orange tone would work best with my teal sofa and fireplace.

IMG_9555dj new

The modern sofa was bought from DFS and is by French Connection, it is super cozy!

diane_hill_livingroom_11dj new

The alcove wall needs to look pretty because it is one of the first things people see when they walk into the room and the sofa faces that way too.  The chimney breast is the focal point of the room and my favourite. My husband wanted it removed but I fought to keep it. The room really needed a strong feature. I am completely in love with the strong vibrant teal colour, the contrast with the white works beautifully and this is one area of the home I cannot see myself ever changing.’



‘I am so proud of the staircase as I painted the stairs alternating black and white and installed the runner using a staple gun. One of my favourite sections of the home is our family and friends’ gallery wall, which our guests love to gaze and learn all about our family history.


The antique chest is so beautiful and I love it paired with the bright yellow wall. I bought this chest way before we’d moved into the house and stored it in my mums garage. Nothing beats a proper antique wooden unit, they were built to last!’


‘This room really was the most gruelling by far and although its not perfect, every tile was laid by our own hands as a labour of love! I love the Neisha Crossland Vinyl flooring and the contrast of the yellow black and grey.

diane_hill_bathroom_08 I had originally painted the bathroom in a more mustard yellow, but it bugged me as it wasn’t bright enough, so I repainted the lot within a week! My husband and I made this swing shelf from a scrap piece of wood.’


Master bedroom


‘We left our own bedroom very unfinished for so long but now we were so happy to finally have everything in place. The wall mural was painted by myself, the accents of black and gold balance out the pink and give a sophisticated feel. The design was inspired by all sorts of natural textures, of marble, concrete and plaster and is an abstract rendition of a mountain of rock.



The cute gold lamps are from and look great against my wall mural. We store lots of books and bits and bobs, so I hand-painted a black line across our ikea shelving to add a little contrast to the soft pink.’


If you have been house inspired (I certainly have), do check out more of Diane’s beautiful interior designs on: 

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Photo credits: Diane Hill

Have you recently finished a home or room renovation/makeover? If you have and would like to share your masterpiece, I would love to hear from you. 




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