Festive gift guide for decor lovers

The festive season is here, and so begins the mad rush to the shops to find that ideal gift for your loved-one or family members. If you’re stuck for last-minute, home decor gifts, here are some of my favourites to spice up any space…or you can always treat yourself!

In a world of selfies and Instagram, it’s refreshing to see an actual photograph in a picture frame! Gone are the days of the boring and dull  frame, as there are more diverse designs to suit your style.

This gold leaf frame from Maison du Monde and acrylic and metal frame from westelm make eye-catching gifts for somebody’s shelf.

Maison du monde-frame
PALM Gold Leaf Photo Frame 10 x 15 cm
Acrylic and metal frame – £24.95 +

This FADO table lamp from IKEA is contemporary, mood lighting and works well for a cosy feel in any room.  I love the simple globe design, and they come in a yellow, green and pink shade.

FADO table lamp – IKEA £12
FADO table lamp – Pink

I love scented candles, and this year has been all about the ‘mandle’! In case you don’t know, they are candles designed for men.  Our friends, Magda and Trent Payne, launched their luxury candles Legna London.

Their collection of masculine fragrances are captured in three names: strength, unity and wisdom.  Not only do they make the entire house smell divine, but looks stylish on the mantel.

Legna London Mood Wisdom
Legna London candles for men – £40+

For those who are a fan of practical storage, this colourful unit from IKEA is ideal . The best thing is it’s versatile and space saving because each tray comes off to stack and form a table.

I would probably put this in a kids room or space in the living room to store small toys or those hundreds of LEGO pieces! But it can be placed anywhere to eliminate clutter!

IKEA PS 2014 storage table – £50

Buying textiles or prints as a gift can be very personal, and you’d need to know their style.  But for those who love vibrant prints, AMWA Designs have collaborated with luxury lamp makers The Bespoke Boutique to create a unique collection of Adinkra inspired lamps and lampshades.

Founded by another talented friend, Chrissa Amuah, her collection also includes bespoke soft furnishings, wallpaper and fashion.

Fusion Lamps
Fusion Lamps – AMWA Designs x The Bespoke Boutique
AMWA x BB IMG_2645
Fusion lamps – AMWA Designs x The Bespoke Boutique

One of my favourite home accessories are lanterns, tea light holders and vases. They always make neutral gifts, as they are smaller and less intrusive. These lanterns make nice accessories, and can work well in any room.

Maison du monde buddha
Buddha dish, Maison Du Monde, £35.99
faceted_lanterns_Westelm - £39
Faceted lanterns, westelm, £39
LULEA copper metal lantern, Maison du Monde H 16 cm, £20.39
luster-vases-westelm, £16+
Lustre Pillar Vases, westelm £17 +

These are just some decor ideas that will add some spice to your space.

So whether you celebrate or not, have a happy and restful festive season, and roll on the New Year. Happy Holidays!














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