In the house: Villa Nielsen

I get a lot of my interior design inspiration from Instagram – it’s just an endless melting pot of ideas and stunning homes created and appreciated by fellow ‘geeks’. Plus I always love snooping in other people’s homes to see how they have designed their spaces to make it their own.

One of my favourite ’Instagrammers’ is Sussi Nielsen’s ‘Villa Nielsen’ in Sweden. While the minimalist trend of ’Scandi-style’ has been floating around (made popular by IKEA), I want to see what real Scandi design looks like from someone who actually lives there!

Outside 2
Welcome to Villa Nielsen

Sussi opens up her doors to take us on a tour of her beautiful home…

WHO LIVES HERE: Sussi and husband Rolf. They have four children, and four grand children

LOCATION: Anderstorp, Sweden

PROPERTY: New build, angle house (2014). Both Sussi and Rolf took inspiration from a 1950s house designed by a famous swedish designer Bruno Mathsson. His house had an almost flat roof and the roof also ‘hanged out’ over the house. Villa Nielsen’s roof has about 90cm that hangs over the walls and the house is built with an angle.

Hallway/entrance I have always wanted a beautiful entrance to my home. That is why we have a big hallway. The wall at the end of the hallway is a big tree. And I love that this is what you see when you open the door to our house.

You could call my style nordic minimalism but I love to add some cozyness too. I love clean and open spaces. White and black and a bit of grey are my colours, and to that it’s possible to add any colour you like.


villa nielsen hallway

Hallway 2

I love to mix design furniture, with old things. In the hallway I have my grandmothers old sideboard. It used to be in a very ugly brown colour but I love it in white and I think of my grand mother every time I open the doors.

Master bedroom Our bedroom is a bit more romantic with the flower wall in grey. We have a door that leads out to a small patio deck and the garden. It’s lovely to almost have the garden in the bedroom. I love the small windows as well.

Master bedroom

Patio 1

Living room/kitchen open plan Our thoughts when we planned our house was that we really wanted a big open space for entertainment. We are a big family and we wanted to have room for us all. The dinner table is from Materia and we can easily fit 12 people around it. As our family constatly grows we have folding tables that we add when we need space for even more people.

Open plan 1

Open plan 2

Open plan 3

Kitchen table livingroom

The lamp over the table is also from By Rydéns – Random. The sliding doors opens the whole wall – total more than 3 meters. So during the summertime when we open up we are directly connected to the outdoor space and the garden.

Sliding doors

Sussi Nielson house2The kitchen is Ballingslövs kök Line. The drawers are without handles and the stainless strip gives the kitchen a bit of edge. The counter top is black stone. The corner solution drawers are the best.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen corner solution

The living room wall is painted with Jotun lady minerals in colour Grey skiffer. This wall looks almost like it is a stone wall. The wall to the kitchen is a perfect TV-wall.

TV-wallWe have chosen the same floor through out the whole house. It is Tango Stone grey from Tarkett. It’s a bit darker, wooden floor with some grey/black in it.

LivingroomMaster bathroom  A big bathroom was important for us as we love to have a sauna. Also we have a jacuzzi outside and you just open the door from the bathroom and the pool is just there. As the bathroom is so big we choose really big tiles. The colour is brown/grey and matches the wooden floor in the rest of the house.

Master bathroom

JacuzziThe accessories and decor in our house are really a mix of things. It could be old stuff from my mothers house, new things I have bought or it could be things H&M and so on. I also love flea markets and often go to search for things.  I use spray paint to modernise things.Entrence 1I really love our house, and together with my husband, family and friends, it completes me!

Photo credits: Sussi Nielsen 


Special thanks to Sussi Nielsen. Do check out her Instagram to see more of her amazing home and design inspiration!


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