6 feature walls to transform any boring room

No matter how big or small your space is, feature walls are a perfect way to catch the eye and jazz up a dull room.

For those not familiar, it’s the one wall that’s showcased in a different style, colour or finish than the other walls in the room. It makes a statement, and if you’re thrifty like me, it’s more cost effective to decorate (just don’t botch it up!).

I’ve been on the hunt for creative styles to change our feature wall in the living room. We’ve had the same Moroccan-style wallpaper for nine years and it’s about time for a fabulous makeover.

But with so many styles out there, I’m stuck on which one to go for. Here are just some that’s made it to my shortlist…

Faux brick paper – If you’ve always liked the exposed brick idea but felt it only ever works in a loft-style apartment, don’t despair. Brick effect wallpaper can look just as authentic as the real deal, and can be used in any space/home to create that industrial look.

Inspiration: Dewtv.com

My faux brick obsession started a few years ago when we revamped our staircase wall. We wanted something slightly quirky that would stand out. So we went for a white brick wallpaper (which I put up myself!) and it transformed the space. It had a few people fooled into thinking they were real, but that’s the beauty of it.

Wood panelling – We would normally associate wood to flooring, but panelled walls are becoming the new ‘thing’. While some DIY fanatics go for actual wood pallets, I’d save the hassle and stick to wallpaper.

Inspiration: contemporist.com

There are different types of  wood effect paper available that look genuine, and create that rustic and cosy feel. Just don’t go overboard as it will start to look more Finnish sauna than rustic chic!

Stone tile – One of my favourites. Tiles are not just limited to the bathroom or kitchen, they can make stunning feature walls. From flat cut stone, slate to split face (3D stacked stone), it’s hard to go wrong with using natural materials in décor.

Inspiration: thehouseshop-com

Do look around for a reasonable price as stone tiles can be pretty expensive per sq. metre. If you’re buying online, some companies offer samples to send, so you can have a look and feel the texture before splashing out.

Block colour – If you’re a fan of bold colours, painted feature walls certainly pop out. With so many shades and types of paints, don’t just stick to the standard gloss. Matt emulsion or chalk-style paint can also give a striking look.

Inspiration: pinterest.com

Bold colours work well if the rest of your room is neutral, and can easily be re-painted whenever you want a change. Again, spot test your colours first before decorating the whole wall!

Geometric print – This trend of vivacious colour and pattern makes for a funky, fun-loving space. Once considered dated (my parents had psychedelic walls in the 80s), patterned feature walls are making a big comeback.

Inspiration: homeedit.com

If you’re naturally artistic (so not me), you can paint your own with stencils or simply buy a wallpaper that suits your style. Family or kids’ rooms could work well from this idea, and is a great focal point.

Mural – An imaginative and ‘dreamy’ idea, but only works if you choose the right mural for your space. Choose a scene that is effective but not so overbearing, making sure the other walls are neutral.  So if you have a small room avoid a dark, ‘busy’ backdrop – with darker walls – choose something light and airy to give the illusion of space.

Inspiration: freshome.com

Some companies can even customise your wall mural if you have a favourite photograph or image.  Popular ones tend to be the nature and abstract murals, and there are some beautiful designs for nurseries and rooms for children.


DO Choose a wall that needs showcasing or is a focal point (the tiny space inside an alcove doesn’t count…)

DON’T highlight walls with obvious flaws or lots of windows or doors, as they detract from the feature.

Which one is your favourite feature wall? Do you have any other creative ideas?

2 thoughts on “6 feature walls to transform any boring room

  1. Wow – love some of these. We create geometric wall murals as well – really like the colours in the one with the dog peeking round the corner.
    Adding some colour to an otherwise neutral room can add some serious pop. The block yellow also looks fantastic. What a superb shade!


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