LEGO-inspired room ideas for a brick superfan

There can never be enough LEGO for my son. He has literally been obsessed from the beginning of time. Whether it’s Minecraft, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars, Ninjago, the list is endless and I’ve lost count of the times my hubby and I have stepped on a rogue piece!

After our trip to the new LEGO store in London it gave me inspiration on how I could bring his love of the brick to life in his room with a few creative features.

Now I’m not a fan of character themed-bedrooms. I despise wall-to-wall colours, characters and ‘busy’ designs. It’s so easy to go overboard but the key is to keep it to a minimum.

Fun at the LEGO Store in Leicester Square, London

A few  creative or quirky  accents randomly placed are much more effective and easier on the eye.

I came across these fun décor ideas to make any kids bedroom look ‘awesome’ without breaking the bank.

3D wall art 

I just love the way these wall transfers quite literally just pop out of the wall. There are such a good range of LEGO characters available, you’d be spoilt for choice. It’s a removal self-adhesive vinyl but check as some are not suitable for matt/satin walls. The only downside is they are not reusable so make sure you’re happy with its location.

The good thing is, they are cheap and cheerful and can range from £7.99 upwards available on ebay or amazon.

Canvas or framed pictures

For those who don’t like to stick things on walls, (me!) this artwork looks effective and a nice touch. Movie posters can also be displayed inside a stylish frame.

LEGO storage

If your child is anything like mine, there can never be enough storage. I invested in these brick storage boxes that look great and a fun way to keep everything together. Just like LEGO, they come in different sizes and are able to stack on top of one another! They also have minifigure heads that add a nice touch to them. They are quite popular and sold in most high-street stores or online from £10 upwards depending on size.


Corey digging around

LEGO-style dresser

I first saw this idea in a homes magazine and thought it was so creative. Just upcycle your original chest by repainting the drawers in the colours of your choice and add on the knobs. This is so versatile you can even do this on a wardrobe, table and beside drawer. It’s really simple, just remove all old drawer handles, strip old paint by sanding to prepare it for new paint. Fill the holes from the drawer handle screws with a wood filler.

Inspiration from Pinterest

To make each drawer look like a brick, you will need to cut desired diameter dowel rods into about one inch thick pieces before screwing/gluing down. These circles will serve as your new ‘drawer pulls’ so make sure they are thick enough for your little one to grab hold off.

LEGO-inspired pillows/cushion

If you’re after soft furnishings, these pillows are a cosy and attractive feature. Just sew a pillow case in the fabric color of your choice, cover four foam rounds in the same fabric and then use textile glue to affix them to pillows or cushions.

Inspiration from

Play tables

Considering I spend most of my time picking up bricks that have fallen off tables, this is not only genuis and thrifty but practical for parents! It’s so easy to make. Just get an old small table and buy a few lego mats that will fit to size. Then use superglue to secure the mats down and there you have a brick-friendly table.

You can also do this on a section of wall in the room where kids can have fun sticking things on.

Inspiration from
Inspiration from

Minifigure display frame

These are easy to find  online but if you’re thrifty like me,  it’s simple (and cheap) to make.  All you need is a sturdy frame of the size that you need. Remove the glass and get a piece of white card to use as the backdrop. Measure and mark up the width in between each minifigure, then stick on the brick or stand where the mark is.

Once it’s dry, you can just sit your minifigure on top of the brick and hang it up on the wall for all to see. You can choose to put back the glass or remove it and leave it open. I prefer the latter as it’s easy for my son to grab a minifigure when he wants. Plus your child can easily change the display characters whenever he wants.

Top tip:

There are loads more ideas on Pinterest. Don’t worry about spending too much cash on expensive merchandise as you can make most of the designs yourself. Have fun creating!

Going on a creative journey…LEGO store, London


Main image: LEGO bricks. Inspiration by Room Copenhagen